Jun 5, 2018

Archived: Little Falls Marketplace Sprout Launches Mobile Market Fundraiser


A market that takes produce out of grocery stores and brings it to places that lack nutritious foods has started this month.

Little Falls-based marketplace Sprout launched the "Mobile Market" as an affordable grocery option for rural areas. Sprout Director Arlene Jones says that while mobile market models aren’t new and are often seen in cities, it has the potential to succeed in the rural areas of Minnesota. 

The Mobile Market is expected to have several paths to travel. The market will not only provide produce, but also refrigerated foods such as meats and dairy.

The campaign has been launched on the fundraising platform MNstarter. The goal for Mobile Market is $25,000, and it would need to be hit by June 30. If you want to pledge money to their campaign, you can find it at their campaign website.



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