Become a member of independent public radio. KVSC 88.1FM
Become a member of independent public radio. KVSC 88.1FM

Many people who donate money to KVSC report a warm, fuzzy feeling and enjoy a long-lasting radiant glow. We truly appreciate those who pledge to KVSC. That’s why we offer funky pledge incentives. These incentives are determined by pledge values and are listed below. Keep in mind, if you donate a significant amount of money, you are eligible for more than one incentive.


  • All Pledge AmountsKVSC discount Membership Card
  • Tuner $40 Pledge – NEW KVSC Classic Logo – Your Sound Alternative Coffee Mug
  • The mug features our full-color Badge Logo with “Since 1967” underneath and “Your Sound Alternative” on the back. The mug is stackable with a charcoal-striped base on a white ceramic mug. Cheers!
  • Voltage $60 Pledge – NEW KVSC Badge Blackberry T-shirt
  • The unisex T-shirt is blackberry (deep purple), with our KVSC badge logo and “Your Sound Alternative” on the front, and the St. Cloud State University logo on the back. Each logo features a vintage wash over the design.  Frequency $88.10 Pledge – New KVSC Baseball Hat
  • The KVSC basball cap is grey and charcoal colored with the KVSC badge stitched onto the front side of the hat. “Since 1967” is stitched onto the left side of the hat in white thread. The hat is adjustable.– OR –
  • KVSC Tote BagThe tote is sturdy, large enough to hold vinyl records, and features a zippered main compartment, front pocket and long shoulder straps. This is a great perk option for a day at the lake, sewing supplies and books. Amplifier $100 Pledge – NEW! 3/4-sleeve Henley T-shirtThis 3/4-sleeve henely shirt is grey with charcoal colored sleeves. It features the KVSC badge logo and “Since 1967” on the front with a vinatge wash over the design. On the center back of the shirt is the St. Cloud State University red logo.
  • Power Booster $165Perk of Choice
  • Transmitter $500Perk of Choice